Mitsuru Kita was born in Osaka, Japan. He enjoyed his life with his close friends but always had dreamed to spread his wings outside of his small world. When he was 23 years old, he decided to fly away from his comfortable world and immigrated to US to look for stimulation. He became a Hibachi chef at Inatome Japanese Steak House in Long Island. He cooked food on hibachi grill in front of customers and entertained them with his knife-wielding and shaker performance. After working at Inatome for 8 years, he became a chef at Hakubai Restaurant, one of the best high-end Japanese restaurants in New York City. He was introduced to Kaiseki cuisine and trained under Executive Chef Yukihiro Sato for 10 years.  Now, he is an owner of Cook de Kita LLC, the head chef of Kitaya and works as a Japanese food consultant.